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Heaven’s Table BBQ

About Us

“What started off as me loving to watch my Uncle and GrandDad grill has turned into a passion that I hope to pass down to my son. I can remember the first time I tried to smoke meat. It was a hot June day, and I had no knowledge of how to start a fire or how to temp for doneness. In the end, it tasted like tree bark. But I was determined to get better and spent years learning and testing.”

Jason’s dedication has won him several BBQ competitions and powered his successful BBQ catering business in Milwaukee. At Heaven’s Table, you can always expect to enjoy an authentic BBQ experience prepared by a genuine grillmaster.

Owner: Jason Alston



About Us

Chef Martin Magana started working as a dishwasher in the kitchen of Tess back in 2003. Since then, he’s tried out a few other industries but found that his passion drew him back into the kitchen as a chef. Working his way through kitchens in Madison and Milwaukee, he eventually found his way back to Tess as Executive Chef and now at Frida as Executive Chef and Co-Owner.

Frida draws on Chef Magana’s varied background and delivers craveable soups (including his mother’s pozole), sandwiches, and daily specials infused with passion and creativity.

Owners: Ashley and Mitchell Wakefield and Co-Owner & Chef Martin Magana

Egg & Flour Pasta Bar

About Us

“I’m committed to taking pasta experience and cuisine to the next level. I want Egg & Flour to be recognized for impeccable food, hand made pasta, and of course, a memorable experience. I’ve already put my heart into this project…now I’m ready to put my soul into pasta.” – Chef & Owner, Adam Pawlak

With Italian heritage and cuisine as a part of daily life, Chef Pawlak brings passion to every dish at Egg & Flour. Diners should expect to taste that passion in every bite; every ingredient locally sourced, pasta created by hand with traditional tools and sauces prepared not only by perfected recipes, but, by taste.

Welcome to your new relationship with pasta.

Owners: Adam Pawlak, Alex Anderson, Tony Goff and Randy Rhoades

Scratch Scoop Shop

About Us

“As a team we make all our ice cream and most of our ice cream inclusions from Scratch. We pack hundreds of pints and gallons everyday on our small batch freezer, making only 3 gallons of ice cream per batch. Our small batch process along with our premium ingredients and Wisconsin Dairy make our ice cream the best around! “

This gourmet ice cream team has one mission: “To create the best ice cream ever.” To fulfill that mission, they stick to their guiding principles by only producing ice cream in small, hand-crafted
batches, using only the finest and freshest ingredients available. Stop by to get the inside scoop.

Owners: Ryan Povlick & Dustin Garley

Triciclo Peru Express

Empanada Image

About Us

Triciclo Peru was started by Amy Narr and Mario Diaz, because of their strong desire to share one of the most important pieces of Peruvian culture: the food. Triciclo Peru is a tribute to the working class, specifically to those that work in the streets of Peru. Those people that have extraordinary strength, waking up before dawn and peddling or pushing their tricycle across the city selling goods; using their creativity to support their family.The mission of Triciclo Peru is to be a noble ambassador of Peru, a country where food means love.

Owner: Amy Narr, Mario Diaz


About Us

For Darleen, cooking for people is her way to share love. Growing up in a Laotian family, the sound of a mortar and pestle in the kitchen “thum…thum…thum” was commonplace. Fresh, flavorful dishes came together from the rhythmic combination of peppers, herbs, citrus, ginger and more.

Darleen found her passion while working at a culinary school in Atlanta, and when she realized she was more excited about her students’ careers than her own, she enrolled in the school, became a chef, and began working in restaurants. THUM brings her passion to life, with bold fresh flavors that put a midwestern spin on classic Laotian cuisine.

Owner: Darleen Vanmanivong


About Us

Husband and wife team, Ryan and Patrice, started Mina as a way to bring people together over good food and help them find a moment of peace, community and enjoyment. Drawing inspiration from Patrice’s Italian American upbringing and Ryan’s travels, the two infuse their passion into every delicious bite.

Mina offers European-inspired small plates steeped in the Northern Italian “aperitivo” tradition, and features a rotating menu based on what’s fresh and in season.

Owner: Ryan Hoffman and Patrice Gentile

E&F Pizzeria

About Us

Quality ingredients, unmatched care, and years of experience come together at E&F Pizzeria, the sibling to Egg & Flour Pasta Bar. Made from scratch, E&F’s pies are fine tuned based on Chef Adam Pawlak’s extensive experience in Italian cuisine and a palette with an uncanny ability to divine the path to delicious.

E&F Pizzeria offers three classic pies by the slice along with a rotating pizza of the day.

Chef: Adam Pawlak

The Pharmacy Bar

Bloody Mary image

About Us

With a cure for many of life’s ailments, The Pharmacy Bar pays homage to the space’s roots as Oriental Drugs and provides beverages including a vast selection of beer, wine, spirits, and Pilcrow coffee. The Pharmacy’s friendly bartenders know a thing or two about cocktails, and can whip up just what the doctor ordered.

For a limited time, The Pharmacy has curbside service, with all your favorite beverages packed up to go. Visit our online ordering menu for growlers, cans and bottles of beer, wine, cocktail kits, all your favorite coffee drinks, and even bulk coffee beans to save you a trip to the store.